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What is Power Scaling?

Power Scaling™ is an audio amplifier methodology developed by Kevin O'Connor
of London Power.

SV1 Power Scaling Kit

Power Scaling allows players to achieve the same musical tone as their
preferred "loud sound," but at a much lower volume.

Earlier amp designers sought to achieve effective scaling of power, but never quite
got there. London Power refined and fully developed the technology to allow the
maximum power of an amplifier to be dialed down to whatever level a player needs.

London Power incorporates Power Scaling in its own line of amplifiers,
as do other manufacturers by way of licence. Small builders and hobbyists can also
access Power Scaling via London Power's Power Scaling Kits.


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Power Scaling Users Forum

This site previously hosted an active online Forum for users of Power Scaling. Unfortunately,
maintenance of this Forum became impractical. If you have questions about Power Scaling or its
implementation, please email Kevin O'Connor at amps (at) londonpower.com.

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